Gold Star Mother sculpture - Maryland

On October 25, 2016, the Gold Star Mothers sculpture was dedicated at the Gate Office and Technology Park at the U.S. Army Aberdeen Proving Ground. The sculpture is a life-size tribute to Gold Star Mothers and Gold Star Families and their service, sacrifice and patriotism.

The Gold Star Mother is placed at the site of The Fallen Star Memorial that was dedicated in 2015. At 16’ high and 26’ wide, The Fallen Star is a memorial to Major General Harry Greene and all of our nation's fallen warriors. Major General Greene was killed in Afghanistan in 2014. He had served as deputy commanding general of United States Army Research, Development and Engineering Command at Aberdeen, and is the highest-ranking service member killed on foreign soil during a war since the Vietnam War.  Both sculptures were commissioned by St. John Properties, who felt a deep responsibility to recognize the significant efforts of our service men and women, as well as their families. 

I sculpted the Gold Star Mother sculpture, and collaborated with my father Tilghman as the artists of The Fallen Star Memorial. 

The placement of the Gold Star Mother sculpture at the site of The Fallen Star Memorial provides a personal complement to the symbolic nature of The Fallen Star. The Gold Star Mother and The Fallen Star each evokes its own emotion, and together are a testament to the courage and sacrifice of our servicemen and –women, and to the mothers, fathers and families they left behind.

As she clutches a photo and the identification tags of her loved one, the Gold Star Mother gazes wistfully into the distance beyond The Fallen Star. Her expression and posture convey, at the same time, her love, pride and emotional strength as she remembers her own Fallen Star and deals with her enormous grief.

The Fallen Star Memorial and the Gold Star Mother were labors of love, and I am gratified that they have evoked the emotions and passion that I put into my art. It was a privilege to create art that represents and conveys such a profound message.

I am also gratified that I was commissioned to make 10”-tall replicas of The Fallen Star and the Gold Star Mother, so that the art could be experienced by others beyond viewing photos on the internet. 

Up until now, the replicas were purchased by organizations who gave them as gifts to associates and others. Now, because of the numerous requests I have received since the dedication of the Gold Star Mother, I have developed a program so that individuals and other organizations may also purchase the replicas.  A portion of the proceeds go directly to the Gold Star Mothers or Gold Star Families organizations.  Additionally, proceeds will be directed to the State Chapters corresponding to the state that the orders originate from.   

The replicas have been priced to cover my costs with a modest additional amount to compensate for the time required to perform the numerous tasks necessary to prepare the replicas for delivery.

The price of each replica is $50.00, which includes the replica, a customized plaque affixed to the back of each replica, and 4”x6” photographs of The Fallen Star and the Gold Star Mother in place at the Proving Ground. Each replica is packaged in an appropriately respectful gift box.  Each plaque can be personalized at no additional cost to reflect a name, rank, and personal message.  

The replicas will be shipped by U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail, and can be expected to arrive 1-2 business days after shipment. A charge of $14.00 for postage and processing will be added to the purchase price for each replica.  Due to current demand, please allow for 2-3 weeks for processing and delivery.  

Please click this link if you wish to purchase one of the replicas:

I hope that you will find the sculptures to represent a lasting memory of, and tribute to, our nation's fallen warriors, and to their mothers, fathers and families.


Will Hemsley

Will Hemsley Fine Art